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Kids USA Montessori School

Onsite Digital Learning

Kids USA Montessori is an excellent choice for children in the age group 6 to 12 years. Children that age have become confident, independent, keen to explore complex and challenging activities, and to experiment with new concepts. We provide them with an environment that is conducive to experimentation, interaction and many other activities to make sure that their desire to try things out practically is satisfied.

We limit the use of text books and lean more towards creative and practical expression to encourage our students to become quick thinkers, in-depth analyzers, and productive learners.

We also help them develop social skills by encouraging them to interact with their peers under supervision and to learn basic etiquette and good behavior.

We give them opportunities to share and improve their creative talents and learn new ones through group and individual projects. That way they can find and develop their passion or interest.

The 6 to 12-year-old students learn in the same classroom, building a community with each other and deepening relationships with their peers and teachers. They use concrete materials but progressively move towards increasingly more abstract thinking. The materials are dramatic, multi-sensory and impressionistic so they kindle the learners? imagination and curiosity.

The Elementary School Curriculum includes:

  • Mathematics

  • Language

  • Social Studies

  • Foreign Language

  • Geometry

  • Science/Nature Studies

  • Art and Music

The Benefits of Elementary School Montessori

Personality: Children become confident and competent.

Academic: Children develop critical thinking skills & the ability to form a hypothesis, use logic & reason, research, analyze & form a conclusion.

Social skills: The kids develop strong social skills, a strong moral compass and a strong desire to solve social problems.

Life skills: Children develop independent thinking, creativity, and the ability to solve problems that they can use later in life.

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