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Kids USA Montessori School

Parents in Plano and Frisco who need infant daycare, for babies between 6 weeks and 12 months, can bring their babies to Kids USA Montessori. Our infant Montessori school focuses on looking after the infants and providing an ideal environment for their growth and nourishment. Infants are highly responsive at this age and learn the most during their first year. Our environment encourages their curiosity and learning.

The staff members in the infant Montessori school provide individual care for each child. They ensure that all the needs of each infant are taken care of and that the children are happy and satisfied. We follow each child? natural sleeping, eating and playing patterns so that the children only engage in activities for which they are ready. Our infants are always happy.

We have created an infant Montessori classroom environment that helps each child to feel loved, respected and free to choose what they want to do when they want to do it. The classroom setting fosters and nurture each child? independence. The classroom is cozy, warm and especially designed for mobility. Soft lighting and music create a peaceful and beautiful ambience. There is plenty of floor space for children to move around and explore whenever they are ready. Their exploratory experiences are supported by fun activities, toys and nurturing interaction.

The classroom is equipped with items such as musical instruments, fun learning objects, and picture books that keep the infants occupied while they feel comfortable and satisfied.

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