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Kids USA Montessori School

For Pre-K daycare for your child aged 18 to 36 months, Kids USA Montessori is the best place in Plano and Frisco.

The whole atmosphere in Pre-K Montessori School is supportive, positive and non-competitive and it is designed to give toddlers a clear joy in work. The furniture was designed to serve little children independence and to allow them to feel secure. Very small toilets, tiny tables and chairs, and low hooks for jackets encourage their independence and self-sufficiency. Your preschooler will happily explore the world in this respectful and nurturing environment.

The unique educational program equips kids with all the basic knowledge they need on their educational journey. It also develops in them the curiosity and desire necessary to enable the learning process.

The pre-school learning materials were precisely designed to support each child? need for purposeful activity. Our activity-based learning program focuses on conveying the curriculum to the children in a practical and sensory manner, making it easy to retain.

The kids begin to develop qualities such as intense concentration, self-discipline, a sense of order, precise movement, and respect for others.

Diverse Kindergarten
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