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Kids USA Montessori School

Kids USA Montessori has a very exciting and rewarding program for children aged 3 to 6 years. Primary Montessori School encourages children to decide what they want to learn and the teachers observe them to see what each child? interests are. Then the teachers put each child in situations in which they can learn best that which they enjoy.

Children are naturally different and they learn at different paces so the teachers allow each one enough time to learn each stage. There is no ?hurry, hurry, we must finish the syllabus.? As a result, each child is happy and excited to learn new things without fear. All the children emerge from this program creative, caring and confident.

Our learning environment is self-motivated, with plenty of concreate learning materials that encourage the children to want to learn while the teachers provide guidance and support.

The primary program consists of the following subjects:

Language: Children are introduced to sounds and symbols through vocabulary sound games, songs and dance.

Math: Children are introduced to numbers and the decimal system using the most wonderful concrete materials.

Geography: The children are introduced to land and water forms, relief features, countries, weather patterns, etc.

Nature studies: Children are introduced to parts of plants and animals which form part of their environment.

Other subjects: Children learn history, cultural awareness, music, art, creative movement, and other things.

Sensory Skills: Children learn to distinguish tastes, colors, shapes, sounds, sizes, temperature, and textures.

Practical skills: Children learn life skills such as sweeping, washing dishes, buttoning clothes, washing hands, etc.

Personality development: Children develop a good personality, respect, peace, conflict resolution and polite behavior.

Leadership development: The older children have an opportunity to play leadership roles as they learn side by side with younger kids.

The children emerge from Primary Montessori School with a positive attitude towards school, abiding curiosity, an inner security, a sense of order, a habit of concentration, pride in their environment, initiative, persistence, self-discipline, ability to make decisions, and kindness.

Kids in Bouncy Castle
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